Rachel Entwistle

Rachel Entwistle is a multi-award-winning jewellery designer based in East London. Inspired by culture, symbolism and the arcane, her designs connect the wearer to something intangible and timeless, yet grounded in a deep sense of history. Her range draws on the ancient concepts of amulets, talismans and protective symbolism, all whilst looking towards the urban culture of her surroundings.

Each piece is handcrafted in her Shoreditch studio using a combination of modern technology and traditional craftsmanship, utilising precious metals, bronze, and gemstones.

  • Orbit Pendant - 18ct Gold Plated Silver/Opal

    Rachel EntwistleOrbit Pendant - 18ct Gold Plated Silver/Opal$292.50One Size

  • Icosa Large Pendant - Sterling Silver/Black

    Rachel EntwistleIcosa Large Pendant - Sterling Silver/Black$208.00One Size

  • The Ouroboros Metamorphosis Pendant - Silver

    Rachel EntwistleThe Ouroboros Metamorphosis Pendant - Silver$169.00One Size

  • Scarab Signet Ring - Silver

    Rachel EntwistleScarab Signet Ring - Silver$234.0016.1mm/L / 16.8mm/M / 17.2mm/N

  • Astral Signet Ring - Silver/Labradorite

    Rachel EntwistleAstral Signet Ring - Silver/Labradorite$221.0015.8mm/K / 16.1mm/L / 16.5mm/M

  • Octa Onyx Double Ring - Sterling Silver/Onyx

    Rachel EntwistleOcta Onyx Double Ring - Sterling Silver/Onyx$110.50One Size

  • Pyramid Row Earrings - 9ct Yellow Gold

    Rachel EntwistlePyramid Row Earrings - 9ct Yellow Gold$104.00One Size

  • Pyramid Mini Stud Earrings - 9ct Yellow Gold

    Rachel EntwistlePyramid Mini Stud Earrings - 9ct Yellow Gold$78.00One Size

  • Pyramid Row Earrings - Sterling Silver

    Rachel EntwistlePyramid Row Earrings - Sterling Silver$65.00One Size