Founded by award-winning designer Hiromichi Ochiai in 2007, Facetasm is a Japanese brand pushing the boundaries of conceptual design. Inspired by the word ‘facet’, the label’s guiding principle is to express the air of Tokyo street culture in a free and fun way through collections that seamlessly combine material, print and colour through modern, gender-free forms.


  • Pattern Jacket - Brown

    FacetasmPattern Jacket - Brown$1223.30S

  • Fleece Fur Jacket - Purple

    FacetasmFleece Fur Jacket - Purple$813.80One Size

  • Checked Shirt Dress - Orange

    FacetasmChecked Shirt Dress - Orange$1014.00S

  • Print Longsleeve T-Shirt - White

    FacetasmPrint Longsleeve T-Shirt - White$202.80S / M

  • Animal Print Shortsleeve T-Shirt - Black

    FacetasmAnimal Print Shortsleeve T-Shirt - Black$174.20S / M

  • Logo Shortsleeve T-Shirt - White

    FacetasmLogo Shortsleeve T-Shirt - White$406.90S

  • Patterned Tights - Orange

    FacetasmPatterned Tights - Orange$72.80One Size

  • Patterned Tights - Green

    FacetasmPatterned Tights - Green$72.80One Size