Ystudio is a Taiwanese design firm founded in 2012, which aims to create stationery with meaning and imagination and explore vanishing culture. With simplicity in design being at the core of Ystudio’s values, they believe each object they produce embodies a deeper meaning.

The end result is a range of beautiful, premium writing tools made in local factories, crafted by expert hands with decades of experience.

  • Mechanical Pencil - Brass

    YstudioMechanical Pencil - Brass$117.00One Size

  • Rollerball Pen - Brass

    YstudioRollerball Pen - Brass$128.70One Size

  • Ballpoint Twist Pen - Brass

    YstudioBallpoint Twist Pen - Brass$97.50Brass

  • Pencil Lead Box - Brass

    YstudioPencil Lead Box - Brass$22.10One Size