Time Concept, Inc.

Founded in 2006 and affiliated with Spice Co. Ltd., one of the leading design and distribution companies in the Japanese Gift Industry, Time Concept produces unique homeware goods. Their super portable hanging lights are playful, practical ways to illuminate your space.


  • Spray Sprinkler - Cream

    Time Concept, Inc.Spray Sprinkler - Cream$31.20One Size

  • Spray Sprinkler - Green

    Time Concept, Inc.Spray Sprinkler - Green$31.20One Size

  • Spray Sprinkler - Olive

    Time Concept, Inc.Spray Sprinkler - Olive$31.20One Size

  • Smile LED Lantern - Hibiscus

    Time Concept, Inc.Smile LED Lantern - Hibiscus$26.00One Size

  • Smile LED Lantern - Black

    Time Concept, Inc.Smile LED Lantern - Black$26.00One Size