She's Lost Control

She’s Lost Control was born amidst the creative hub of East London in 2014 by founders Jill Urwin and Cheryl Eltringham, having taken a leap of faith after over 10 years as a Fashion Buyer and Designer respectively, to launch a brand with meaning. The brand was the UK’s first conscious style and wellness brand for modern soul seekers.

Wanting to bring together their two worlds, fashion and ‘now’ age consciousness, the brand has proven that the two need not be exclusive, and She’s Lost Control crafts a range of wellness and lifestyle goods with purpose.

  • Headspace Clear Quartz

    She's Lost ControlHeadspace Clear Quartz$91.00One Size

  • Wild Creative Rainbow Titanium Aura Quartz

    She's Lost ControlWild Creative Rainbow Titanium Aura Quartz$104.00One Size

  • Love is the Answer Rose Quartz

    She's Lost ControlLove is the Answer Rose Quartz$91.00One Size

  • Fresh Start Aventurine

    She's Lost ControlFresh Start Aventurine$91.00One Size

  • Luck Giftset

    She's Lost ControlLuck Giftset$31.20One Size

  • Protection Giftset

    She's Lost ControlProtection Giftset$31.20One Size

  • Calm Small Spray - 50ml

    She's Lost ControlCalm Small Spray - 50ml$18.2050ml

  • Protection Small Spray - 50ml

    She's Lost ControlProtection Small Spray - 50ml$18.2050ml

  • Love Small Spray - 50ml

    She's Lost ControlLove Small Spray - 50ml$18.2050ml

  • Rose Quartz Crystal

    She's Lost ControlRose Quartz Crystal$13.00One Size

  • Clear Quartz Crystal

    She's Lost ControlClear Quartz Crystal$13.00One Size

  • Citrine Crystal

    She's Lost ControlCitrine Crystal$13.00One Size

  • Calcite Crystal

    She's Lost ControlCalcite Crystal$13.00One Size