Conscious of cluttering our daily lives, Nomess is all about organisation and innovative storage solutions. They aim to create beautiful pieces that care for your things in your home, leaving your space free of chaos. Their faith in design to create products that make life easier is admirable,

whether in the home, work or out and about.  Their functional approach to creating incredibly designed products that restore our homes to order and help control our busy daily lives is unbeatable to us.

  • Curvy Jar Large - Pink

    NomessCurvy Jar Large - Pink$41.60One Size

  • Curvy Jar Small - Grey

    NomessCurvy Jar Small - Grey$32.50One Size

  • Tissue Box - Clear

    NomessTissue Box - Clear$32.50One Size

  • Toothbrush Holder - Clear

    NomessToothbrush Holder - Clear$16.90One Size

  • Travel Organiser - Grey

    NomessTravel Organiser - Grey$32.50One Size

  • Toiletry Bag - Grey

    NomessToiletry Bag - Grey$49.40One Size

  • Konjac Sponge Face - Charcoal

    NomessKonjac Sponge Face - Charcoal$6.50One Size

  • PVC Laundry Bag - Clear

    NomessPVC Laundry Bag - Clear$39.00One Size

  • PVC Laundry Bag - Grey

    NomessPVC Laundry Bag - Grey$39.00One Size

  • Water Tea Towels - Blue

    NomessWater Tea Towels - Blue$20.80One Size

  • Colour Notebook - Grey

    NomessColour Notebook - Grey$13.00One Size

  • Cork Notebook White - Large

    NomessCork Notebook White - Large$24.70L

  • Cork Notebook Nude - Large

    NomessCork Notebook Nude - Large$24.70L

  • Cork Notebook White - Small

    NomessCork Notebook White - Small$11.70S

  • Cork Notebook Nude - Small

    NomessCork Notebook Nude - Small$11.70S

  • Two-Hole Punch

    NomessTwo-Hole Punch$7.80One Size

  • S-Hook 5-Pack - Alu

    NomessS-Hook 5-Pack - Alu$14.30$10.40One Size