Expert stationers Midori, creators of the most iconic Japanese stationary offer a range of exciting products with a minimal feel and aesthetic. From carefully constructed stationary essentials such as pure white sleek biros and mechanical pencils, perfect slim shaped erasers to shiny brass pens and pencils all of which can be carried wherever you go inside a soft pencil case.

As well as mastering pens and pencils, Midori also offer a range of notebooks from your basic every day pad to a leather travellers notebook designed to log your biggest adventures with refills available so you can keep on exploring. Midori is an absolute must for any keen stationary fanatics.

  • Travelers Notebook - Brown

    MidoriTravelers Notebook - Brown$58.50One Size

  • Travelers Notebook - Black

    MidoriTravelers Notebook - Black$58.50One Size

  • Travelers Notebook Passport - Brown

    MidoriTravelers Notebook Passport - Brown$50.70One Size

  • Travelers Notebook Passport - Black

    MidoriTravelers Notebook Passport - Black$50.70One Size

  • Travelers Passport Refill Blank Notebook

    MidoriTravelers Passport Refill Blank Notebook$4.55One Size

  • Ball Point Pen - Brass

    MidoriBall Point Pen - Brass$27.30One Size

  • Pencil - Brass

    MidoriPencil - Brass$23.40One Size

  • Ruler Brass

    MidoriRuler Brass$19.50One Size

  • Soft Pen Case - Black

    MidoriSoft Pen Case - Black$7.80One Size

  • Refill Pack For Brass Pencil

    MidoriRefill Pack For Brass Pencil$6.50One Size

  • Refill For Ball Point Pen - Black Ink

    MidoriRefill For Ball Point Pen - Black Ink$2.60One Size

  • Travelers Refill Lined Notebook

    MidoriTravelers Refill Lined Notebook$5.20One Size

  • Travelers Refill Blank Notebook

    MidoriTravelers Refill Blank Notebook$5.20One Size

  • CL Tape Dispenser - White

    MidoriCL Tape Dispenser - White$7.15One Size

  • P51 Clips - Mushroom

    MidoriP51 Clips - Mushroom$6.50One Size

  • CL Compact Stapler - White

    MidoriCL Compact Stapler - White$9.10One Size

  • CL Tape Measure 1.5m - White

    MidoriCL Tape Measure 1.5m - White$9.75One Size