London, United Kingdom

Kana London was born in London from founder Ana Kerin’s background in fine art and training in sculpture, which eventually became a fully developed project in 2012. With a focus on functional ceramics, Kerin’s approach is experimental and playful, inventing new recipes and forms daily, without the assistance of a potter’s wheel.

Kana takes a unique approach that turns its back on traditional ceramic practice. As a result, each piece is truly individual. All of Kerin’s work is food safe glazed, made from durable materials, and suitable for oven use.

  • x Goodhood Flat Dinner Plate

    Kanax Goodhood Flat Dinner Plate$145.60One Size

  • x Goodhood Deep Dinner Plate

    Kanax Goodhood Deep Dinner Plate$145.60One Size

  • x Goodhood Brunch Plate

    Kanax Goodhood Brunch Plate$91.00One Size

  • x Goodhood Cake Plate

    Kanax Goodhood Cake Plate$54.60One Size

  • x Goodhood Low Breakfast Bowl

    Kanax Goodhood Low Breakfast Bowl$62.40One Size

  • x Goodhood Dip Bowl

    Kanax Goodhood Dip Bowl$39.00One Size

  • x Goodhood Mug

    Kanax Goodhood Mug$68.90One Size

  • Flat Dinner Plate - Splatter Ink

    KanaFlat Dinner Plate - Splatter Ink$93.60One Size

  • x PSTX Brunch Plate

    Kanax PSTX Brunch Plate$93.60One Size

  • x PSTX Dip Bowl

    Kanax PSTX Dip Bowl$45.50One Size

  • Dip Bowl - Basic White

    KanaDip Bowl - Basic White$24.70One Size

  • x PSTX Tea Cup

    Kanax PSTX Tea Cup$54.60One Size

  • Mug - Basic White

    KanaMug - Basic White$44.20One Size