Created by Charles M.Shultz’ in the early 50s, the world of Peanuts focuses on the idiosyncratic personalities of a group of young children, co-habiting in a space where adults exist but are rarely seen or heard. This nostalgic collection features characters from the show on a range of homeware, which includes printed mugs, towels and trinket trays.

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Kinto specialises in sleek, contemporary home accessories. Committed to producing durable and usable objects with a gentle twist, Kinto's slow coffee carafe is a relaxing aid to great coffee. Handcrafted in small batches, the carafe is accompanied by a sleek stainless steel filter and durable plastic brewer.  Shop this alongside Kinto's functional, minimal homeware.

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Tekla's thoughtful fabrics are simple and minimal. Shaped by serene architectural references and produced in Copenhagen, their soft wool blankets are woven using a process that runs exclusively on renewable energy.

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Handmade in Istanbul, Bornn adopts an innovative approach to classic enamelware. Handcrafted individually, each piece houses a unique pattern.

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For over two decades now Japanese lifestyle brand Kuumba International have been producing traditionally made premium quality incense using a meticulous process of naturally and artificially scenting various raw materials such as agarwood, sandalwood and even bamboo. Our collaborative incense, Nirvana, is produced using a mix of pomegranate, hinoki wood, and balanced floral notes.

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Danish design inspiration fuels the output of lifestyle brand HAY, whose versatile offerings can add the finishing touches to any home.

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Tokyo-to-Copenhagen ceramics brand Studio Arhoj present their beautifully crafted products, ranging from their synonymous 'Ghost' characters, to vases and candle holders.

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The Denmark-based Ferm Living add a graphic flair to their range of homeware products, with a focus on functional design and furnishings.

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Puebco produce minimalist, understated products through recycled materials. Through giving unused items new purpose, the brand seeks to improve quality of life at home and beyond.

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