Tokyo, Japan

Co-founded in 2008 by the Godfather of Japanese cool Hiroshi Fujiwara, retaW (the word, water, reversed) is a forward thinking fragrance brand based in the upmarket Aoyama neighborhood of Tokyo. When approaching the philosophy of the brand, Fujiwara has taken a very behind the scenes position, letting the expertly formulated fragrances and strong branding speak for itself.

The collection comprises of classic organic body washes, creams and candles as well as innovative fragrance tablets, room tags and fabric sprays with each unique retaW fragrance named after a particular musician or record that subtly correlates with the core ingredients of the scent. Expert product for body and soul.

  • Fragrance Sneaker Spray - JB*

    retaWFragrance Sneaker Spray - JB*$28.60One Size

  • Fragrance Body Cream - Allen*

    retaWFragrance Body Cream - Allen*$32.50One Size

  • Fragrance Body Cream - Natural Mystic*

    retaWFragrance Body Cream - Natural Mystic*$32.50One Size

  • Porta Fragrance Capsules - Barney*

    retaWPorta Fragrance Capsules - Barney*$39.00One Size

  • Porta Fragrance Capsules - Allen*

    retaWPorta Fragrance Capsules - Allen*$39.00One Size

  • Porta Fragrance Capsules - Natural Mystic*

    retaWPorta Fragrance Capsules - Natural Mystic*$39.00One Size

  • x fragment Lip Balm - White

    retaWx fragment Lip Balm - White$19.50One Size

  • Fragrance Solid Perfume - Barney*

    retaWFragrance Solid Perfume - Barney*$26.00One Size

  • Fragrance Solid Perfume - Allen*

    retaWFragrance Solid Perfume - Allen*$26.00One Size

  • Desktop Reed Diffuser - Barney*

    retaWDesktop Reed Diffuser - Barney*$52.00One Size

  • Desktop Reed Diffuser - Allen*

    retaWDesktop Reed Diffuser - Allen*$52.00One Size

  • Desktop Reed Diffuser - Natural Mystic*

    retaWDesktop Reed Diffuser - Natural Mystic*$52.00One Size

  • Fragrance Candle - Allen* WHITE

    retaWFragrance Candle - Allen* WHITE$97.50One Size

  • Fragrance Tablet - Barney

    retaWFragrance Tablet - Barney$15.60One Size

  • Fragrance Tablet - Evelyn

    retaWFragrance Tablet - Evelyn$15.60One Size

  • Fragrance Tablet - Allen

    retaWFragrance Tablet - Allen$15.60One Size

  • Fragrance Tablet - Natural Mystic

    retaWFragrance Tablet - Natural Mystic$15.60One Size

  • Fragrance Room Tag - Allen

    retaWFragrance Room Tag - Allen$26.00One Size

  • Fragrance Room Tag - Evelyn

    retaWFragrance Room Tag - Evelyn$26.00One Size

  • Fragrance Car Tag - Allen*

    retaWFragrance Car Tag - Allen*$19.50One Size

  • Fragrance Car Tag - Barney*

    retaWFragrance Car Tag - Barney*$19.50One Size

  • Fragrance Car Tag - Isley*

    retaWFragrance Car Tag - Isley*$19.50One Size

  • Fragrance Car Tag - Oyl*

    retaWFragrance Car Tag - Oyl*$19.50One Size